Temporary exhibitions


Out of the picture, into the room

24 maj–16 dec 2016

The museum's collections are made up of fragments; remnants of a bygone era. A photograph encapsulates the moment. By combining object and photograph we seek to create a feeling that history is emerging from the picture and entering the room.

Everything is volatilised. That is the way it is for all of us during a normal day at work, at school, at home or on the bus. What will remain and what it will mean for future generations we do not know. Will it be a frying pan, a telephone, an office chair or perhaps a bus ticket?

Objects in the museum storeroom that we handle wearing white cotton gloves or those you see in the display cabinet were there; they existed before we did. A photograph, particularly one that depicts people, can induce a distinct sense of proximity; a sense of contact with history.

We cannot enter the photograph but if we allow an object to emerge from the picture it could perhaps reach out to us, establishing a link between a place that no longer exists and the place where we are now.

The exhibition provides an insight into what a museum does. Objects that are collected and cared for. What is chosen and why.

The exhibition has been produced by the Gothenburg Medical History Museum and is accompanied by a book containing photographs from the archives, photographs of objects taken by Collection Manager Thomas Gütebier and texts written by Museum Director Lisa Sputnes Mouwitz.