Methods of treatment

Methods of threatment

  • Integrated Psychiatry

    02 augusti 2016

    The strategy of the treatment programme Integrated Psychiatry aims at improving the patients’ and their close relatives’ capacity to cope with stress and to solve problems, whether or not these are related to the illness.

  • NECT

    02 augusti 2016

    The NECT-education/treatment is an intervention meant for persons with a severe psychiatric disease.

  • Family intervention due to psychosis

    02 augusti 2016

    The aim of the family treatment is to decrease the level of anxiety in the family, to enhance the knowledge of the disease and thereby the sense of security.

  • FACT

    02 augusti 2016

    FACT is a version of a modern flexible ACT-model which has been developed in Holland.

  • IPT (Integrated psychological therapy – cognitive training)

    02 augusti 2016

    IPT is a programme for persons with a severe, cognitive disability. It is a group treatment that integrates cognitive and social training.

  • Supported employment

    02 augusti 2016

    Individual Placement and Supportt is an evidence-based model that is superior when it comes to finding, getting and keeping a job for persons with a psychological disability.